TikTok removed over 49 millions videos in just 6 months last year

TikTok removed over 49 millions in just 6 months last year
TikTok, a widely popular short video-sharing app, has taken down over 49 million videos globally in the second half of last year (July-Dec), says its transparency report.

“At TikTok, we celebrate creative expression, but we also prioritize protecting against harm. Taking action on content that violates our policies is a critical part of fulfilling our responsibility to our users,” the tech firm said in a statement.

It further said: “In the second half of last year (July 1 - December 31, 2019), we removed 49,247,689 videos globally, which is less than 1% of all the videos our users uploaded, for violating our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.

“Our systems proactively caught and removed 98.2% of those videos before a user reported them. And of the total videos removed, 89.4% were taken down before they received any views. Our Transparency Report provides detail on the markets with the largest volumes of removed videos”.

TikTok further said that it, at the end of the last year, started to roll out a new content moderation infrastructure that enables it to be more transparent in reporting the reasons that videos are removed from the platform.

“In addition to removing content, we continue to take meaningful steps to promote a positive platform and provide visibility into our practices.”