Fast food chain set to introduce first ‘meatless meat’ burger

Fast food chain set to introduce first ‘meatless meat’ burger
One of America’s largest fast food giants is going to introduce a plant-based protein burger on August 8, in restaurants all over the USA.

Earlier this year, the fast food chain partnered with Impossible Foods, a company that provides plant based substitutes for meat and dairy products, to produce and test the world’s first plant based burger known as the Impossible Whopper.

It was an instant hit in the 59 outlets where the burger made its debut in St Louis, Missouri.

Since its introduction, the fast food chain experienced a 16% higher footfall in the restaurants that had the plant based whopper available, as per report. What seems to attract customers is not only the fact that the burger is a vegetarian option, but also because it is created in an environmental friendly manner.

The positive response has triggered the American fast food giant to increase production, however many fear that they might not be able to meet the demand for their product.

The New York times revealed that the unprecedented demand might not meet the supply as Impossible Foods did not have the capacity to produce the plant based burgers in such high quantities.

In July, Impossible Foods released a statement announcing their partnership with the OSI group, one of the largest food producers in the world, in a bid to meet demand.

Richard Konrad, chief communications officer at the food innovation company, t stated “The deal with OSI will help quadruple production capacity by the end of 2019. So there should be plenty of impossible burger to meet short term demand.”

The meat substitute in the Impossible Whopper is made by creating heme, a molecule found in almost everything, through fermentation of genetically engineered yeast. The burger is made entirely from plants.